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Happy new year!

Hope you all had a good Christmas break and a lovely new year. 

Now it’s time to get your act together and get the band sounding great!

Give me a shout for a rehearsal slot. 

Couple of mid week and weekend regular slots available. 

If you haven’t visited us yet make it your New Years resolution. 


Record your rehearsal !

Probably should have mentioned this before…. You can record your rehearsal straight on to a USB stick through our great mixing desks in studio 1 & studio 2. 

Great for writing and catching ideas as they’re happening.


Regular slots. 

There are a couple of regular slots available mid week evenings and weekend day times. 

Each of our three rooms comes with a great PA with three separate monitor mixes, two guitar amps, one bass amp & a drum kit with cymbals.


The fields. 

I go away for a few days and they harvest the fields and end the summer…. 

There’s only one thing to do… It’s time to get the band back together and rehearse.