Bookings: 07917685935

Regular slots. 

There are a couple of regular slots available mid week evenings and weekend day times. 

Each of our three rooms comes with a great PA with three separate monitor mixes, two guitar amps, one bass amp & a drum kit with cymbals.


The fields. 

I go away for a few days and they harvest the fields and end the summer…. 

There’s only one thing to do… It’s time to get the band back together and rehearse. 


The moon

What a glorious moon out at Glasshouse Studios. It’s good to be in the middle of nowhere.   

Time to get away. 

Glasshouse studios….

It’s like going on holiday….. Well a musical,rehearsal holiday. 

Drop me a text or give me a ring if you fancy a rehearsal. 


Proper lovely. 

It is proper lovely up here at Glasshouse studios at the moment. 

Give me a bell or drop me a text if you fancy a rehearsal.



Sounding great.

These last few weeks have been a real pleasure.

We’ve heard lots of new music and met lots of  new friends. 

The rooms are sounding great and the place is alive again. 

Come and try us out.