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Make a day of it. 

A few slots available this weekend. 

It’s going to be a scorcher.. So why not bring a cheeky beer up and enjoy the view in between rocking out. 

lovely evening

 What a lovely evening it is up here at Glasshouse Studios.  

The sun is always shining.

To celebrate our print press fame here’s a picture of the view from Glasshouse Studios again. 

It’s always sunny up here as well.  


Grab a copy of Nightshift this month.

Actually grab a copy every month. It’s ace !

I always read the demo dumper first. 

The latest issue has a piece about Glasshouse studios in it. . 


The building is alive again

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s taken us a while to get this place into a good working space again.  

We’ve been open for less than a week and I’ve already been reminded of why we made the effort to do this; I’ve met some brilliant new people and caught up with some lovely old faces. 

Everyone seems to have really enjoyed their first rehearsals up here, and it’s been brilliant to hear some noise thrumming out of the building again….. 

Egrets in studio 2

What a pleasure to hear new music as its being forged. 

Egrets are sounding great!


It’s been a labour of love

Glasshouse studios has taken a while to get sorted. There has been a lot of graft and a lot of patience. 

It’s been worth it though, because this is a special place;

I first rehearsed in this room nearly 25 years ago. I have written and worked on too many songs to mention in this space. It is a good place to make, to create and to have fun. 

The recent renovations have taken a derelict space that has real genuine musical history and given it a second life. 

I have spent a lot of my  life making noise here and I hope to spend a lot more in the future. 

This is what we started with. 


And this is where we are today.