Bookings: 07917685935

Studio 2 

studio 2 ready to receive it’s first visitors.  



Better get busy! We’ve got bookings next week. Give me a bell if you’d like to make noise.  

Lots of love.

lots of facebook love… Well… I think it’s Technically likes. Over 100 in one evening. You are lovely people. 

if you want to make some noise we open for noise on the 25th of May. 

Here’s a picture of someone making noise. 

That could be you. Great heels!


The drawing room.

In the olden days my grandparents used to rehearse in the drawing room. 

We’ve done our best to make Glasshouse just as splendid. 


We are nearly open

After months of building, Glasshouse studios is nearly ready to welcome you in to rock out.  

Now taking bookings from Monday 25th of May onwards.