About Us

Glasshouse Studios consists of four professionally spec’d rehearsal rooms and is run by musicians for musicians.

Situated 10 minutes from Oxford city centre in the village of Cumnor, and surrounded by beautiful farmland, Glasshouse Studios has been used as rehearsal rooms and recording studios since the mid 1980’s.

Since opening it’s been used by just about every well known band to come out of Oxford and the surrounding area.

After several name changes and various owners the studio has now been completely renovated; new floors, walls, ceilings, a new roof, complete rewiring throughout, a new kitchen and installation of a much-appreciated indoor toilet (the outdoor one is still available for those who prefer). 

Glasshouse Studios now has all of the old charm and seclusion of its predecessors, but with the comfort and modernity you would expect from a top rehearsal facility.


Rehearsal Slots

Slots can be pre-booked and are available as follows:

10:00 -14:00

14:00 – 18:00

19:00 – 23:00

Other timings can be arranged. Just ask…


Each 4-hour slot costs £52 (or £50 for regular weekly bookings) per room.

Lock outs can be arranged and will be priced accordingly.

48 hours notice must be given for any cancellation, otherwise full payment for slot is required.

Studio 1


Studio 2


Studio 3


Studio 4

Reliable WiFi
Kitchen Area
Tea & Coffee


Glasshouse studios offers high quality recording in a relaxed yet professional space.  Whatever your project: solo artists, film soundtrack, voiceover or a full band set up, we can help you with your vision.  Every recording  project has its own particular needs, so get in touch to discuss how we can help. Check out the links below to various projects we’ve been involved with. 



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