Party info

So we’re having our first year birthday party at Glasshouse studios this Saturday 11th of June. 
Here’s a bit more info to help you enjoy yourselves;
Firstly this event is totally free and open to all ages, families and anyone who is interested and nice.

Come along for 2:00 ish and have a look around. 
The music will take place in studio 2 and studio 3. We are filming and recording the bands so mind you language. And tuck your shirt in.
The BBQ will take place around the back of the building in the old orchard. 
We’ll get it going early and keep it going for the whole afternoon so we can eat ourselves silly. 

If it’s a nice day it’ll be like being on holiday. Bring yourselves a blanket to sit on and enjoy the view of the valley and distant reservoir. 
Now this is important; we won’t be selling any drinks so bring your own, boozey or soft.  
Also if you want to bring a sausage or something to throw on the BBQ please do. 
If you want to bring a picnic along do that. Basically sort yourselves out & make it nice. 

There will be parking at the studio with extra parking further down the field towards the bee hives. 

A Silent film (acoustic) 2:30 studio 3

Egrets 3:15 studio 2

Richard Walters 4:00 studio 3
Cameron AG 4:45 studio 2
Everyone should clear off by 7:00 so we can go and watch the football.