Time to get the band back together!

Alright you lot, now all that Christmas stuff is over it’s time to get the band back together and get well rehearsed for some gigs this year.  Drop me a text or give me a bell for a rehearsal.  Jamie – 07917685935 

Err a bit early perhaps?

Probably a bit early to be putting this up, but We’re really excited to share our Christmas card with you.  Check Remzi out! It looks like that’s his real suit.  Anyways..big love to all of you who have visited us this year. 


All back line is totally free to use. You can just rock up in your matching blue v neck and slacks and plug in!!!!!!


There is no extra charge at glasshouse studios for the use of one of our excellent house kits. Cymbals included! Exclamation marks!!!!!!!